Probably the most untamed pony you can buy right now is the new Sutton Bespoke’s Ford Mustang CS800 featuring a 5L supercharged V8 with, yep, 800HP . Sutton Bespoke Mustang programme was launched last year by Clive Sutton, a leading supercar and luxury car dealer in London, with the debut of the Mustang CS700. This year, Sutton Bespoke returns with the CS800, featuring even more power and a host of other improvements following the feedback garnered from the CS700.

A unique three-way adjustable suspension on the CS800 strikes the optimum balance between handling, stability and comfort. Exterior modifications include a deep carbon front splitter and side skirts, a massive Super Snake bonnet, and a carbon fibre boot lid with an integrated ducktail. The new carbon fibre rear valance incorporates a diffuser as well as bigger exhaust openings to accommodate the new quad tail pipes.

Inside, the front seats have been replaced by Ford Performance Recaros, which are electrically adjustable and feature massive bolsters to hold the driver and passenger in place. A Ford Performance short shifter and gear knob is included to amplify the intense driving experience. The dashboard now features carbon fibre trim to match the racer like feel.

Under the bonnet, a Stage 2 Whipple supercharger, with an upgraded intercooler, new injectors, and a larger throttle body provides the extra firepower over the standard Mustang. XForce Performance long tube headers, high flow catalytic convertors and Varex quad tailpipes provide the final touches for the power upgrades. The Varex quad tailpipes are controlled by the Varex Smartbox and the Varex app, resulting in an active exhaust note that can change according to the owner’s taste and requirements. The exhaust system itself is available as a separate upgrade for existing and new Mustang owners.

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