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    Default Cars And Coffee September 15th.

    Custom Cars and Coffee
    High Octane Coffee Meet

    Sunday 15th Aug - 9am-11am
    Capt Munchies Carpark Fremantle

    Time again for your favourite monthly fix of gorgeous cars. Enjoy an early morning cruise and bring down the kids to enjoy a coffee at your favourite high octane hangout.

    If you have any friends that hang around in the Vintage, Classic, Hotrod, Exotic car or bike scene, encourage them to come down for a run. It’s all about the cars!!

    Vehicles open to Vintage/Classics cars and bikes, Kustoms, Street Machines, Muscle cars, Lowriders,JDM, Hot Rods and Exotics. Come down for an informal chat about all things Cars/Bikes over a Coffee

    NO Burnouts in or around the carpark!!!

    Tools and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated!!
    Please drive responsibly...Your passion and hobby is on show..Support the cause.

    We all know some of the beautiful cars that attend CCC are quick, but please do not bring any unwanted attention from the authorities or the locals when arriving or leaving the event, remember there are cameras everywhere and I will pass on your details to the authorities..

    Parking space is starting to become tight.. if you come down in your daily or mums bunky can we leave the premium spots for the vehicles we come down to focus on..Please see vehicle description above...

    Bring it mean but keep it clean....

    Hope to see you all down there!
    Cruise control only works if you take your foot off the accelerator.

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    When is the next Custom Cars and Coffee event?

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    There isn't one in June or July? Sorry keen as mustard.

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