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    Default Hello all once again

    HI y'all!
    I have been absent from here for more than a year now, how time flies!
    So I finally got some time to get back online.
    A lot has changed in a year, I have a 1 year old daughter now, and I have come to realise how much time babies take up!
    I am currently on parental leave from work, man they are generous! and I am slowly getting things worked out and figuring out how to get time to get back on here!

    Anyway, My name is Elliot, I am an electrician by trade, working as a project manager, and I live in Parramatta NSW.
    I am a DIY enthusiast, as I like to tell people, I just enjoy working on my cars, building stuff in the garage etc.

    Some of you may recall, my aussie V8 is a VH commodore(Pics below), which has been a long project, and is currently only 95% done.

    My long term project, time permitting (HAH), is a 1956 International Harvestor AS120 pickup, which I will be putting on a HQ chassis.

    Anyways, I hope to be more active on here in the near future.

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    Welcome back mate, good to see some projects still ticking along.

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    Hi EB, I have an 8month old son. I know your lack of time. Lol.
    Working on my 94 SS, it's taken a month to remove the booster/master cyl, haha.
    Good luck with your Car & truck projects. They are looking good.

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