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    Default Rules For 'sale Items'

    1. Keep all posts on topic, any comment not directly related to the sale or item will be removed and the offending user warned.

    2. When listing an item try and include as much info as possible EG::

    - Best description as possible
    - Location of you and the item
    - Price
    - Preferred method of payment (COD, Direct Deposit, paypel etc)
    - Wether its ONO or a firm pricing
    - Please post when you have sold the item
    This will help prevent unneccesary questions, confusion, and negative comments.

    3. If you have a problem with the asking prices or a negative comment DO NOT post it, PM it to the seller or person looking for the XX item if you need.

    4.When the item is sold please post a big SOLD in the thread.

    5.Two free bumps per post allowed


    No buisness is allowed post there products in this forum (unless authorised by, as it is for private sellers use only.If a company wishes to sell there products we will gladly discuss advertising arangments with you.

    To enquire about this please email-

    *If any buisness is found posting there products here without our prior consent the post/s in question will be deleted.
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