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    Hi guys,

    I have a 350 in an old camero. There is significant oil smell when I give it a boot. Stinks the boat out. I'll be rebuilding the heads next winter, but I'm trying to minimise it to get through summer.

    In guessing the valve stems are worn. Its only when I give it a boot, at idle it's fine. Should I run a breather hose to the carb , like the pcv hose is? I'm guessing the smell will get sucked into the engine like the pcv side does ??

    Also, This boat has a vac advance on the dizzy, I'm yet to remove it and plug the holes. Would this have anything to do with it ? And yes I've replaced the pcv valve already.

    Cheers. Mick.

    Just noticed the pcv hose isn't connected in these pics. But it is now.

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    Do a wet and dry compression test
    Do a leak down test on each cylinder

    Correct Pcv and correct hose [incorrect hose collapses]
    Correct oil level
    correct grade of oil
    Are the intake gaskets sealing preventing the exhaust from pressurising the sump

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