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    Default Need Help Choosing a Ski Boat

    Looking at a few ski boats for family orientated fun. Nothing serious until it comes to throwing a few mates out of the biscuit.
    I'll put links up for the 2 boats om looking at and if you could give me your reason why you would pick 1 over the other I would appreciate it, I know I'll have to check for rot and other things...

    1. Lewis - 350

    Lewis tornado ski boat 350 chev | Motorboats & Powerboats | Gumtree Australia Wakefield Area - Owen | 1095707091

    2. Sheripocraft - 308

    Ski boat | Motorboats & Powerboats | Gumtree Australia Barossa Area - Angaston | 1095351688

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    It's great to see so many people view your post but won't comment on it. Having had no idea when I bought my boat, I ended up with something that had potential after a lot of work. I did end up with one option that I think is relevant, centre mount! Easier to board over the transom than onto a seat than an engine cowling. I would/should of gone for the 350 as there are heaps of goodies for these engines. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Many great entry level ski boats out there. As long as the hull is solid ,you cant go too far wrong with most of them.
    I'd go 350 Chev over 308. The Lewis is a great little hull. Flat , hard turning boat that will have your mates hanging on to stay in the rear seat, let alone on a biscuit!

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    we were the same had no idea. we found it hard to find a good boat that had a good trailer. we ended up old school semi v . that needed work. the one thing i will say before any cash is handed over get the owner to take it any boat shop that will do a report on its hull as that's what we did might cost to get the report. you don't want to find out you payed for a hull that has dry rot in its stringers or transom.

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