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    Default Turbo 304

    Im looking at building a 304 with a single turbo for an lh torana
    Im wanting around the 450rwhp
    What is recommended to do with motor to make it realiable is the stock crank rods good enough and just forged pistons?
    What size single turbo would be needed for the hp level

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    Hey mate
    Stock motor in good condition can take more than some people give credit for
    Standard pistons, rods, crank are no problem at that power level even more.
    Pull motor and do rings, bearings and gaskets. Put more gap on rings. And preferably 2 thou under cam bearings.
    Use a felpro race head gasket, and go small with cam. Around 217-220 duration or can use standard cam if still good.
    Turbo sizing, even something like a t04z would make your power desire easy
    Depends on your driveline, gearbox, convertor? Big convertor will allow bigger turbo. No reason you couldn’t go as big as a gt42 if you had enough convertor eg 4500 stall.
    What u wanna do with car? Pump 98 fuel or e85? E85 makes easier power and turbo’s love it.

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