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    Default tricky Qee bonet catch or just worn out ??

    Bonnet closes with cable pulled prior and stays closed once cable released . Bonnet holds closed as normal . Opens when cable pulled .
    Problem the plunger has no wear BUT ...
    Will not close normally . [all adjustment to bonnet catch /lock have been done ]
    The locking plate that swings in and out might have excessive wear ???

    .....****Are the moving lock plates suppose to have a square edge or a tapered/angled edge that hits the plunger .???/ Mines tapered/angle . Is this normal ????

    I`m considering die grinding a square edge on the swinging locking plate.

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, the "locking plate" needs to have a taper so that it moves when the bonnet is closed. I have experienced the same thing before (needing to pull cable to close) and found the rotating the plunger slightly one way or the other so a different spot on the plunger contacts the locking plate is all that is needed to sort it. Your mileage may vary but it's easy to try.

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    It is a GM car, same as my GTO. Just a suggestion. With the GTO, you can adjust the bonnet position via the rubber stops. As the mechanism wears over time, adjustment might need a tweak.

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    hi ,
    Yea the adjustments are done but sensitive . It was working B4 the front sheetmetal was removed .
    The bonnet centre pin sets 1/ bonnet panel height when closed 2/ bonnet popup when cable pulled ---both of these are ok

    The bonnet rubber posts are close but really only set the front corner heights ,,no influence on the striker not engaging properly .

    1/ might get a new pin or grind the original [clean up the tapered surface ]
    2/ drivers hinge starting to lean when bonnet half open --replacing hinges now also . Situation became alot worse after lubing pivot point . LOL Hard to say if its causing b/catch issues but severe / costly damage can be caused if hinges collapse . Happened to me along time ago .

    On the back burner till hinges arrive
    besides full overhaul all 4 doors so busy busy ,,,,, parts supply is a big issue and cavity wax & body deadener is in short supply.

    Then the major body mechanical repairs finished yea ha

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