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    Default Paint defects acylic and 2 pack

    Is anyone familiar with defects in both .

    Eg Much of my mechanical under body acrylic black cracked not all bits but some ,mainly suspension Most was blasted [smalls] and wire wheeled chassis etc Sanded primed painted.
    Was only grey acrylic primer not epoxy or etch ,maybe that was the issue ? Does acrylic have a short life ??
    Rectified by blasted , epoxy primed and solid blacked now .


    2pk system glacier white [solid no clear ] done in 1996
    After going to the 2nd panel shop fixing all the missed and original and previous crash shop defects
    What they found is the filler must have been applied directly to metal as I`m getting pimples on LHR qtr . I suspect this occurred recent from being under car cover for bout 4-6 wks . [prev shop]
    Apparently bog on steel can cause rust . The cover just cooked the car and it sweated . Paint reps tell me defects in paint is common with cars in a humid environment.
    My car is stored in a carport tent inside a shed at home .
    The only time I used a cover b4 caused stainless trim corrosion caused by not enough ventilation .

    Some parts of the car might be getting resprayed probably half ,, bugga . Its very shiny and in more than great appearance .
    Most likely 2 rh doors [ chips & dent ]and LHR 1/4 [pimples ] ,, might do the RHR 1/4 ,,roof and both L/h doors later on

    thoughts ???
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    Don't think there is any comparison between acrylic & two pack. Have had cars with both. Acr chips more easily & fades quicker.

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    From what I understand the issue with bog on bare metal is usually when it's over a repair. Filler is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture) and if there is any pin holes in the welds it can pull moisture through. I remember from another forum a well respected body guy said something about sealing the backside of repairs with fibreglass filler to seal it. Also I believe if the filler has prolonged/excessive exposure to moisture before it's sealed and painted over that moisture will obviously react with the bare steel. In your case it could have been left out in the weather with half finished repairs?
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    Hind sight is a wonderfull thing apparently putting filler direct on metal WAS the accepted way of repairs. Current thinking is after all metal work is finished epoxy is applied then filler ,then primed and colour coated . The epoxy keeps ALL moisture away from the steel no matter if it gets access to filler or not . Yes agreed filler or undercoat left exposed is like a sponge .

    I strongly doubt the under paint pimples/rust was caused by the original paint job 26 yrs ago. All be it the potential for problem existed but the occurrence did not happen till it was aggravated .

    There was never any major repairs in the area thats at fault
    located--- LHR 1/4 , above body line 400mm diameter directly above center line of wheel arch

    there was a small body line dent for about 50mm long but could be LHR or RHR cannot remember .

    If I can recommend is take photos as I did back in 1996 ,have enough pics to tell me the filler was straight on metal
    rust was my issue mainly not alot but all the typical Qee spots

    minor dents
    nosecone , rear qtr
    rust pin holes
    both sills minor , above 1x rear arch ,bottom front guard x1 , rad support reinforcement channel replaced , both LH doors
    surface rust
    both spot weld behind rear doors

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