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    Default w/shop under bonnet lead lights review

    It comes a time when where all sick of poor lighting. Also getting old LOL ....
    I will review 2 x rechargeable lead lights
    Yes u can buy cheaper 240v corded and yes some are more powerful units

    Consideration is for
    light perf
    batt capacity'
    other features
    Arlec 30W 2100lm Rechargeable LED Work Light - Bunnings Australia
    Brands Arlec LED recharge Lithium 2100lumen Portable work light
    3 light levels ,, mostly use low and med
    small enough ,, for general interior light stand on seat etc
    not run hot on high
    can be run while on charge corded which is a bonus ,,many lights cannot do this

    powerful personal space lead light
    does consume alota batt on high 2.5hr run time on high ,,,,,,low 9 hrs use
    cannot insert in dash

    fair price 90$

    Narva | ‘See Ezy’ Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light
    16 hrs continious use
    replaceable battery and charger
    magnet average but works for under bonnet
    can insert in tight places
    very long batt life
    drop proof --rubber encased

    mid level brightness for personal space --enough
    The brightness of the Narva is around between the low and mid settings of the Arlec unit
    The Narva is more targeted light although only by a small amount

    Around 100$
    Cheaper versions of the Narva are available at Bunnings but either have less battery life or are corded . NB there is a 900lumen led lead light by Iron horse or Arlec . Its corded .

    Brightened my day anyways
    No more tripping over cords and damaged light
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    These are really good, I bought a 2 pack but can only see this 3 at the moment. Quite small and good magnet and 3 light settings. Having 2 you can set them up at different angles for good light distribution.

    Maxxeon MXN00810 WorkStar Cyclops USB-C Rechargeable LED Work Light, Pack of 3 Lights encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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    I have one of the Arlec lights. There is no way it would last much over an hour on the brightest setting. I use these for quick jobs only. I default to mains power for longer jobs.

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    Only just started using mine . Getting at least 2 hrs a combo of mid and high ,was surprised to see the bat level light go down even with my limited use . But remember canbe used plugged in to 240v .

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