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    Default Hj front end guard nose cone removal

    Hi guys looking at removing my hj front end any instructions of where to start cheers

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    U can either
    1/ remove complete as an assembly . [I suspect the factory did this for install .]
    Bonnet removed first
    Then Both guards and wheel wells nose cone and support panel as one piece.

    2/ dis-assemble piece by piece
    nose cone
    rad support
    outer guard with inner guard attached

    ??? Can the inner wheel wells be removed before the outer maybe but could cause damage to outer guard .Caused by flexing outer to get enough clearance [outer is half still bolted down ].

    Always use fresh bolts and scriv-nuts available from R/spares etc
    Always replace body mounts at this point it`s a far easier job when font panel work is removed .

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    What Swampy said is dead right.

    I’d add a few tips.

    - get some form of penetrating oil and squirt every bolt a couple of times a day for a couple of days beforehand. Fused, stripped and snapped off bolts are a pain and it’s very rare not to get one or two if you don’t prepare. If you get a stuck bolt add more penetrating oil and if this doesn’t work use a contact heat transfer method; either by heating a chunk of metal to red hot and holding it on the bolt or a powerful soldering iron. Don’t use a torch directly on the bolt (flame = car fire).

    - have at least one helper (two is better), it saves adding additional dents, dings and warping of panels that you’ll only have to spend time or money to fix.

    - work out where you’re going to put the bits and pieces beforehand and have old blankets, bedspreads or quilts to protect them with. I had a nice bonnet end up dinged because I knocked it over on one occasion.

    - always use new hardware when you can for reattaching as swampy said and apply antiseize. There are a couple of spots in hqs where you might be forced to reuse the captive threads; find the correct taps for each of these and carefully run them through the threads, two turns forward, one turn back. Then put on some antiseize and bung with old ear plugs or cover with tape before storage, saves a lot of grief, especially if you’re going to paint.

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