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    Thanks Trik
    Yup your efforts sure have been real good for others to follow.
    Like everyone trying to contain the costs . For me the Cold case is my ""cheaper" alternate radiator. [cold case uses twin 1 1/4 tubes ] PWR is my quality first choice .Mainly running aircon needs a wide rad but not to big . The air con hoses run thru the side support area . The radiator of my choice is a Chevelle unit . [Caution there are many variations of sizes.] The aussie Natrad core is near identical !!
    If I had no aircon the Camaro type is what I would use .

    I suppose for most an overseas rad is not required and thats why I`m not getting responses with peoples direct experiences .
    The Pwr radiator price is expensive no question .

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    Quote Originally Posted by GtoGeoff View Post
    Mate of mine that has a 400 Pontiac engine in a HQ has fitted a VE radiator, but it was not a direct fit, had to do some cobbling.
    Are you referring to Kris's car? That's one of the cars I was referring to.

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