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    Default Replacement cam for 253?

    I have a stock 253 in my work One tonner, it's about to have a rebuild and I'm thinking an upgrade in the cam is in order....It's pretty much a stock set up apart from a set of extractors....253 4 speed 3.08 diff, some days it might have half a ton of tools in the back.
    Any sane suggestion welcome!


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    I would pick something like a Crane H264 for this, considering it's stock rebuild, 3.08 gears and a half ton of tools on the back.
    This cam would be the absolute maximum size i would contemplate.

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    I agree with EH179 Ref the cam. If you can find a factory blue motor 4 barrel manifold and quady carb that will help you quest for a few more horsepower if your 253 is still running a 2 barrel carb.
    Hopefully COVID19 doesn’t mean these items are now drug money prices.

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    A decent manifold and a quaddie are both very worthwhile mods as mentioned above, also an ignition upgrade (Bosch hei) really helps.

    Make a phone call or send an email to Crow cams and they will give you some sound advice on cam selection, if you stick to a mild performance cam you’ll do ok, something like a Crow 5602.

    Some mild head work along with proper port matching will help considerably.

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