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    Default Vs 304 battery looms

    hi everyone
    Im having a sxxx time with the vs statesman right now .
    I need to know are all 304 vn vp vr vs battery,alt ,starter looms the same ,?
    From what i can tell yes .
    It might just be a different plug for the alt light purple and brown wires .
    I dont have the car infront of me and need to sort it out asap
    If any one knows

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    Yeah basically the same just the charge light & starter solenoid plug varies between models...found that out putting complete vs 304 setup into vp ute.

    v6 harness will too short iirc

    Wiring to vn/p oil pressure switch is done differently to vr/s

    Then there are engine loom & plug/wiring differences between models

    For most people easiest for them to stay with their specific model/year car as some parts completely different between models.
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