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    Default Adjusting Koni red shocks vk commodore

    Hi all,

    Did a search but couldn't find what I'm looking for. I just purchased some front and rear super low King springs and Koni red shocks to suit the VK and would like to know what other people's experience with setting up the shocks as they're adjustable. I have heard conflicting stories about how to set them up correctly and seeing that they're the red ones they can only be adjusted off the vehicle so don't wanna keep putting them on then having to take them off again numerous times to readjust. Some people have said set them to the hardest setting and others have said the softest setting? I have heard that setting them to the softest setting is the go and over time as they sag you adjust them to a harder setting to bring them back to where they were when you first put them in, is this right?

    Any help his much appreciated. Cheers, Stokesy.

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    I set them one and a half turns up from the softest setting.

    I’ve had a number of sets and have found that suits me. I bought new ones for a rebuild on one of my cars I did 4 years ago and it’s stayed that way. I’m still using another set that I’ve had for more than 20 years; they went in for refurbishment to Koni about 12 years ago and came back as good as new.

    Somewhere around there are instructions on ideal setup and I probably have it in my files but I wouldn’t know where to start looking!

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    I have Koni's on my vehicles, their adjustment is typically rebound damping and there's usually around two - two and a half turns from fully out (softest setting) to the stiffest. Try the adjustment yourself and count the number of turns.

    They're a pretty firm shock in general both compression and rebound damping. A stiffer spring will likely want to return quicker so I'd suggest trying them at about one third to half of their adjustment in and see how it goes. That's around where I've got mine set from memory.

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    The red Koni shocks are only rebound adjustable, the compression rate is preset and not adjustable.

    For this reason I always crank them up to full, this acts like a sway bar, reducing body roll. Even on drag setups I still go full, it really fights the body roll at launch and assists in planting the tyres equally on both sides.

    Like Horaldic said, you can get them rebuilt when they fade away and they will be as good as new.

    Also the shocks don't sag, the springs set the ride height and provide the majority of compression resistance, the shock only controls the springs oscillation. Cranking the shocks to full just slows the spring extension after compression.

    Hope this is easy to understand !

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