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    Default Bolting on panels - Anything between panels? (after full respray)

    Hi guys,

    Hope everyone's enjoyed their Christmas festivities!

    I've finished doing a backyard respray on my WB Ute and am at the stage of bolting all the panels back on.

    My question is, when bolting panels back on, do I put anything in between where the panels meet when bolted together? E.g. where the fenders meet the chassis/firewall, where the door hinges bolt onto the chassis?

    Is there any matting, rubber, cloth, lubricant to put in between the panels to stop them rubbing against each other?

    I guess I'm wanting to save myself from bolting the car back together, then in 2 years time I unbolt it, and paint has rubbed/chipped off where the panels meet?

    Not too sure if this is even an issue to worry about, but first time bolting a car together after a respray!

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


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    foam block located on edge inbetween guard and firewall.

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