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    Default Photos Not Displaying

    I say start that thread!

    I’ll be tuning in and it may inspire others and garner a lot of conversation along the way.

    Covid has slowed us down in some respects but it has probably been the impetus for a lot of projects out there too, I know it has been for me. I’d like to see build/ project threads from everyone that is embarking on one whether it be an engine or a tail light, professional or amateur.

    The social media does my head in too.

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    I lurk or am a member on a few different forums (not all car stuff) and they're mostly dying in the arse or already dead except a drum (music type drums) forum which is still pretty active.

    Social media has obviously attracted most of the action, but it's largely a haven for morons and attention whores from what I can see which I'm happy to avoid.

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    Hi Mark

    Hope you have been keeping well.

    Any updates to the issue of pictures not posting with genuine Hosting links .

    Regards Mario

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    pictures tell a thousand words

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