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Thread: 355 carby

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    Default 355 carby

    355 10.5 to1 cr
    Ported vn heads dual plain eldobrock manifold
    Mainly street car manual box
    Only just put in and run in
    Currently have a 650 holley dp
    Is there any gains going to a 750dp
    Or will the driveablitity suffer alot?
    Thanks benno

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    As you have probably found, the 650 will work well on that engine.
    The 750 on a dual plane manifold should work equally as well.
    Drivability should not be a problem with the 750, but you should gain a few horsepowers, particularly in the upper rpm range.

    Either/or - use what you have.

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    The 750 carb is a great choice for a well built 355 making 450 plus HP. But in saying that I used to have a 700 Pro Systems on a 355 that made around 470ish HP and it drove well. I ended up using that carb on a milder combo for a manual street car and it still drove really well.
    I reckon if your 650 drives well and you’re not chasing every last HP leave it as it is.

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    Agree with both guys above.

    Comes down to what you would be looking for or expecting as far as ‘gains’ go if you were to go to 750.

    What’s your definition of gains for your application?

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    Yes, as Basic says.

    Essentially you’ll likely be trading lower rpm torque for upper rpm horsepower.

    The 650 will work nicely with that combo and be very responsive in a street application, particularly with a manual ‘box. They’re fairly straightforward to tune as well.

    With the manifold you have and your stated application I don’t see there being much to be gained from the 750.

    If you were running a torquepower hi rise, an auto with high stall and sending it down the strip regularly I’d give different advice.

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    You wont notice a huge increase in hp unless the 650 is way off tune. May make a few more hp up top but not 50 more

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