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    Default 1982 Commodore

    Asking for a mate. All original. Been in same family since new, 6 cyl, auto, air, cream/biscuit colour. Registered. Rarely used in recent years, 97K on the speedo. Paint is in good nick, garaged when not in use. Trans overhauled recently. What is it worth?

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    Put it in a Shannons auction, some dickhead is likely to throw thirty five grand at it. I did a quick bit of sniffing online below, it seems anywhere from ten to fifty grand depending on how ambitious the seller is and if it's a V8. Redbook clearly aren't up with the times anymore although I wouldn't be willing to pay much more than that for one.

    Try advertising it for ten grand or so and see what happens, they can always drop the price if there's no interest.
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    5-10k all depends on just how good bodyshell/paint & interior really is...most will want good clean base for ls conversion or someone thinking they can buy cheap & flip at double the price.
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    Agree with the opinion above. Use auctions

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