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    Default HDT VH Commodore Group 3 - Numbers

    Gday All

    Was hoping there is some HDT experts out there.
    I own a VH Group 3 commodore High Output model with a optioned 5.6l stroker engine it. (The car has no Build number from HDT but I have all the HDT authenticity paperwork)
    Firstly I was hoping there was someone out there that could help with the engine details as to what HDT did when they built these stroker engines.
    The reason Im after some info is my engine number has been removed, obviously due to the engine being decked.
    The heads are Brock and the manifold aswell.
    Would HDT of decked these engines during the stroker upgrade?
    I still have the engine number that was originally on the engine, but im in 2 minds whether to have it stamped back in or not.(either way you would be able to tell it had been re stamped)
    As for the HDT Build Number Im not sure and neither are HDT as to how this car got through without numbering, but Ive been assured it is an original Brock commodore. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?

    Any knowledge on any of this would be fantastic.

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    .. I would take this to the experts on Early Commo HDTs at Bertie ST
    they will tell you exactly what has been done and when

    Index page •

    btw... without pulling the engine down and measuring/inspecting it
    you realise that everything you have been told could be a myth?
    No engine number and no Build number.....

    There is no external way to tell 'Brock' heads on a VH and even the
    inlet manifold is not easy. the GMH 5955 'HDT' specc'd inlet manifold
    was not released until VK

    oh... and GMH never put build plates on, many state they did... nope.
    all the plates appeared after a visit to the HDT premises in North Melb
    (and later Bertie St) and were entered into a register HDT kept

    also... VH HDT Group models never got an actual build plate in the engine
    bay. the proof is in the VIN and engine numbers matching a build number
    in the HDT 'bible

    and your GMH build plate should state VH8VK69- XV2 for starters against 'model'
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    There was a really good article in an Australian Muscle Car magazine a few years ago (4-5pages) on the VH GRP3 HO with input from Neil Burns and others from HDT . I’ve been a member of a HDT club for a few years and have only ever seen 1 in the flesh. Everything Smitty has wrote is right on the money, the VH Brock is the hardest to identify VC are easy if you know what to look for and VK onwards came with a build plate.

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