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    Default VN Commodore Salt Lake Race Car

    HI all, putting my race car up for sale, it's a VN sedan built for landspeed racing at Lake Gairdner salt lake in South Australia.
    The car holds the Australian E/PRO at 187.7 MPH. We ran 191 MPH,(304kph) in 2019 and this year was cancelled due to COVID19.
    The car runs under the production class rules. "E" is engine size (260ci max), PRO means Production class.
    The engine is as follows,
    All machining by Rhemac Motors, heads CNC work by Bullet Cylinder Heads.
    Well over 400+ flywheel HP (can supply dyno sheets)
    VN EFI 5ltr V8 block, crank and heads which has been de-stroked to 260ci to get in the E engine class.
    Torque Power single plane efi manifold with Holley 1000cfm throttle body
    JE, Eagle, Crow roller cam, Ferrea, YellaTerra rockers, all the usual good stuff.
    Motec M84 injection
    Dry sump
    Top Loader box, Hurst shifter
    Mini spooled diff
    Engine is safely limited at 8600rpm and is happy to sit just under that all the way to the 7 mile mark.
    That's right 7 miles flat out at 8600, (see the link, hopefully it works!)
    The DLRA race once a year in March and unfortunately for me my work commitments are 100% at that time which is why I have missed a year or two.
    If you have any questions or enquiries about Australian land speed racing, go to and ask away. My car is also pictured on there.
    If you have any questions about the car, please call me i'm happy to talk if your serious.
    If time permits you can only get away racing once a year or you only want to budget to race once a year, this could be for you!
    There is more speed left in this car so but as mentioned I can't due to work/business commitments . Help and support will be given to new owner.

    Car, some spares and tandem axle car trailer all inclusive
    $35,000.00 Neg
    Happy to send photos
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