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    Default ls1 with holley oil pan and tuff mounts into hq

    Hi All
    Have just bought a set of tuff mounts to fit LS1 into my HQ, I can get a holley 302-2 oil pan $250 cheaper than Mast oil pan. tuff mount says I may need to use spacers depending on cross member condition, mine is very good condition.
    can anyone help with the following.

    1. has anyone used this set-up and how well did it fit.
    2. how high is the 1st small hump in the center of the pan and how far back does it start.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I used a holley and used torana mounts to fit my hq ls1, no spacers needed. I borrowed the mounts and then made my own. They did have a differemt offset side to side but i mad mine equal

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    I bought the tuff mounts builders series so can adjust if needed, was just that center hump i thought could be a problem. Now i need to decide what trans, have a th350 and a 4l60e both need a rebuild, thinking of 4l60e.
    Thanks for help

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