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    Default 300 rwkw out of ls1

    Hey lads, I'm in the process of putting a LS1 with a 4l60e into my '85 VK Calais. I picked the engine and box out of a vy ss with about 220000 on the clock. What I'm looking at achieving out of this is around 300kw at the wheels.
    Obviously with the amount of kms on the engine I'm going to get it pulled down and do a std bore rebuild, upgrade cam and head package, tune etc.
    Ive been doing a lot of research on getting this all done but would love to get some info from fellow members on what I'd require from the following to achieve 300 rwkw:
    -what size cam?
    -upgrade heads or porting original ones?
    -and probably the most important question is what would be a reasonable price to get this work done?
    I don't really have a set budget ATM, and at the end of the day, I'm not really interested in stroking it, forced induction or upgrading to E85....300rwkw will put a smile on my face.
    I don't mind paying for quality work, but I've been getting some conflicting prices so far so it would be interesting know what the norm is.
    Appreciate anyone's input.... cheers.

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    Check this out I did one not long ago.
    5.7 ,stock bottom end 243 heads and 237/242 comp lsr cam and
    fast 90 307rwkw.

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    I have 290RWKW out of one on a mainline dyno, apparently this would be 20RWKW more on a dyno dynamics they reckon so go to a DD dyno.

    The heads were CNC aftermarket because the aussie dollar at the time was parity and it cost only a bit more than having the stock heads done and they wouldnt be as good.

    stock block, stock crank, forged CP bullet pistons 11:1,h-beam scat rods, hydraulic roller 226/242 114LSA .600" lift, super victor single plane edelbrock TB.

    Wants to keep pulling past the 7200RPM rev limit even with that small duration cam ...

    Weigh up the prices for having the heads done vs buying new.

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