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    Default need advice VR Caprice 5 ltr transmission problem

    Hi All...
    So I've got a VR Caprice 5 litre with a stage 2 shift kit.
    Problem is it's not holding trans fluid, check engine light on.
    Since it isn't holding fluid, it won't engage. So my questions:
    Is this the seals?
    Some dodgy mechanic said it's the bushes in the trans?
    And can I fix it at home because my husband thinks he can but he hasn't worked on a trans before and the closest I got to it was dropping one from an old Toyota Land Cruiser and dismantling it. So if anyone can answer my questions and possibly share some wisdom I would be SO VERY grateful.

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    so not holding fluid? would be a big leak that u would notice
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    Often when people fit a shift kit to these things they dont exactly know what they are doing or why they are doing it.
    It is not uncommon to smash the input drum after a shift kit has been installed, you will lose both drive and reverse.
    There is a kit to upgrade the drum to stop it happening but its not the drum that is the problem.
    Guys who know what they are doing can get them to shift hard and do everything they are designed to do without breaking the drum, the drum sleeve kit isn't always necessary.
    This is just a wild guess as description of problem is pretty vague but this is a common enough problem to be the likely cause.
    It would be helpful to find out why the check light is on and what code it is, especially if its a "P" code.

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    Here is a good guide to checking the fault codes

    Checking error codes VR/VS (Revised)

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    Oh no I purchased it with the shift kit, and it has been serviced and rebuilt by a trans specialist twice in the last 6 years its not anything to do with the actual shift kit... i know this because it has always shifted very hard and did exactly what it was meant to do..... lol and the oil leak wasn't a sudden explosion and bang wont hold oil, it started slowly so thats why we believed it to be the front seal... thanks though
    Mrs HSV

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