Hey All,

I've got my TransAM booked in for the exhaust on Monday morning at Northside Custom Exhaust to get some proper connecting pipes made up from the headers to the exhaust, and looking to see if anyone is interested in making a few dollars, or can recommend a towing company that isn't a complete ripoff?

Best I've found so far was $80 each way on Gumtree, going from Aspley to Clontarf, and back again once it's done.
I'm tempted to just drive it with a day pass, but don't want to spend the day on the side of the road instead of at the exhaust shop if something goes wrong, so I'd probably just need the car towed there, and I'll try driving it back home.

I really need to have it go for a bit of a run before it goes to the dyno for tuning to make sure there's no leaks, overheating issues or breaking noises, and I'd rather it die on the side of the road and tow it home, than pay out a $1000 to a tuner only to have it do the same thing there.

It's running fairly rich and it's 20mins from my place to Clontarf where the exhaust is getting done, anyone have any input or suggestions?