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  1. G'day Jack, as you might see the HQ ute is back in business. Panel work almost done.
  2. G'day Jack I'm back in business, donor car and chassis, hope all is good with you mate
  3. ya I was considering a 308 for my workhorse/ towcar, but I have a 350 & when I looked @ it properly it will work out less expensive & better to use the chev also. My weak link will be the box, but if I baby it it will live. Good luck with your build.
  4. G'day mate have you started a chev build? My builder Jaye at TPC is on top of these things. Funny bit was to build a holden was acctually more expensive.
  5. cool mate I don't think you will be sorry fo putting a chev in it. in fact, that's what I decided to do also
  6. Hi mate, sorry just saw your message, the 308 block was for a mate, I really don't know what he wants, as you can see i have gone chev, cheers.
  7. just looking here, what block tri or turbo?
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