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    Hi I'm after some info on where to run my heater hoses I have a maxi tork redline manifold it only has the big outlet for the radiator and a small one on the thermostat housing and two small outlets on the water pump I'm not sure where to put them since the heater core has one big and one small outlet the other factory manifold I have has two extra outlets on it.. It's a bit confusing since there seems to be a few different ways u can set them up

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    Iíve just done something similar on my HQ - Water pump inlet to bottom heater, you will need to block one of the water pump inlets off as the second is only needed where you have a heater tap as the HQ doesnít. Top heater to thermostat and thatís it. Itís both heater and thermostat bypass whereas later models had a heater tap and needed a bypass when tap was closed.

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