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    Default Hq brake lines mobile service

    Hi does anyone know of someone that can come to my house and fit some new steel brake lines in eastern suburbs

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    There maybe some premade lines available on line . These are copies of the factory style .
    U will need some brake line clips .

    DONOT use common bundy tube its not coated properly . It will corrode inside and outside . Terne lead coating was used at Holden factory

    If having made use stainless tubing . SS tubing is very stiff and I imagine not to be very ""adjustable"". Made in a cnc bending machine

    I just made all of mine out of CN =Copper nickle
    canbe polished looks good
    yes CN is legal used on euro cars
    very easy to bend and work
    what u will need
    small ball hammer
    rubber mallet
    pipe cutter small 10$
    small diameter pipe bender 45$ radius online
    pipe double flaring tool dedicated 40$ super cheap auto
    straitening tool 50--300$
    ebay for CN with fittings from UK less than 50% aussie cost delivered
    1-2 hrs per line

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    Look up HQ restoration supplies on Facebook. Pretty sure he does repro brake lines.

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