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    Default VB 1978 vin number location

    Hi There, i have fully restored a 1978 VB Commodore it has taken 5 years, my brother in law was my partner in this adventure but he has parted ways along with the photo's of the location of the stamped VIN number on the body, i have looked in the manual and online it is not on the bonnet latch bar or the passenger side shock tower? I have to locate this number for a roadworthy, i have sanded back the amazing paint job in these locations but have come up blank! Can anyone point m e in the right direction 🤔😔 i am really gutted!! Marty

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    First off its a chassis number.
    If its not on the radiator support panel on top, means the panel has been hint in the past.
    The safety compliance plate, has AVB number, is chassis number too.

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