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    Default Spam posts/attacks on the site

    'Gday everyone

    the site has been the subject of quite a number of spam posts and scammers trying to get stuff onto the site
    in the past 2 weeks or so.

    To date, these have all been caught ( have cleaned up up over 50 posts and banned the posters of these)
    would ask if anyone sees anything they would consider as spam (lots are coming thru in Russian Cryllic type)
    or scammers (flogging especially watches cameras or electronics gear) .... to report the post asap to the
    Mod/admin team here (use the Report Post icon to do that)

    A lot of them look like this

    предлагает вашей компании сотрудничество по вопросу снабжения ваших
    организаций всеми видами слабоалкогольного сырья. Мы гарантируем прекрасные цены и

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