Okay guys so I have a replica xw gt that we rebuild a few years ago. My number one problem I'm having is that temp gauge isn't moving but has been replaced. My wiring has always been in issue but some how we had it all working fine with every gauge working properly. It all started when I left mechaines that all 3 temp oil and fuel gauges dropped out. Before that we took the temp sender unit wire off because for some reason it was ready 240. Any ways we got it home long story short the temp gauge doesn't seem to be working but all the other ones have come back? The ground I would say is fine since oil and fuel work but for some reason temp doesn't work. This morning however the temp gauge did work when key was switched to the on position it would raise all the way to 240 when cold? Any ideas we have then taken the temp sender unit off again now it seems to not move at all. Thanks