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    Default Holden cluster differences 67-71

    Hi guys, just wondering what the story is behind the cluster setup from HR to HK to HT-G? They go from a dual round cluster to rectangle back to nearly an identical dual round setup as HR in the HT-G. Is there a reason they reverted back? Just seems strange to take a backwards step.

    I know the HR and HT have a different setup behind the dash but the faces are almost identical.

    Just curious, whats your thoughts?

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    I would have said that perhaps they tried rectangular long speedo in hk, realised it was gay, and fix it, but we know that isn't the case because they tried it again in HJ, and then went back to round again.

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    Just trends of the day really. I wouldn't say an HK speedo is gay though, actually prefer it over the HT/G style.. HJ one is though, looks terrible. Lucky the GTS dash looks awesome in them.. lol ......Coming soon......

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    I'm currently swapping my HK's dash to an HG one (with some improvements). I'm hoping to put up a thread on my car after this weekend with more info

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