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    Default Rules

    1.) No buisness is allowed to post their products in this forum (unless authorised by, as it is for private sellers use only. If a company wishes to sell there products/advertise we will gladly discuss advertising arangments with you. If you do get approval from one of the aussiev8 team please say so in your thread/signature etc so we all know. These rules also apply to signatures.

    To enquire about this please email-
    (if you are unsure if you are actually advertising feel free to contact one of the aussiev8 admin/moderator team)

    2.)Please use common sense while in the site eg: no racist remarks, no discriminatory remarks, no aggressive language to other members and or businesses; make sure your post has some relevance to the thread or section it is going in, BASICALLY COMMON SENSE!!. If you think it may offend some users dont post it up! (if you have a problem with someone please resolve it via PM, Email or the aussiev8 admin/moderator team)

    3.) AussieV8 is not responsible for any content generated by users on this forum or on any other associated page. Users will be held accountable for all content generated.

    4.) These rules apply to all the sections on this forum

    Here are the steps that are actioned once an offense has occurred.

    A review of the offense will be underway.

    An email or a PM will be sent to the offender/s to notify them that their actions are unacceptable.

    The offender/s will be asked to refrain from further offensive behaviour.

    If this is ignored, the offender/s will be given a warning with the possibility of a temporary ban.

    If the offender/s still persist, a ban will be put in place. Depending on the severity of the offence depends on the length of the ban.

    After the ban has expired and if the offender/s continue to offend they will be given a final warning. After this warning you don’t get another chance. You will incur a lifetime ban.
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    i believe the rip bin laden thread is racist

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