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    Default Looking for help in finding a HX Premier Wagon my Dad sold long ago.

    Hi all,

    Im looking for help to try and locate a Contessa Gold 7/1976 HX Premier wagon my Dad owned between 1977 and 1995.
    The car was Victorian registered from new, but i do know it was last registered in Northern Territory with its matching numbers 253.
    It was the family wagon i grew up with and my Dad and i pampered it until we eventually parted with it.
    Over Christmas the family were watching old home movies which sparked my interest to try and locate the wagon. Ive got a whole collection of paperwork relating to it knowing one day i would want to try and find her again.
    Im new on here and will try and post a couple of pics of the car just before it was sold.
    It would be great to potentially be able to purchase the car back, but just the opportunity to be able to speak to its current owner and see a pic would be great.

    Chassis No# AHX01415A
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    good luck and a free bump

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