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    Default Custom rego rules and engineers cert

    Hey guys, so I'm new to this forum.
    I'm looking at building a custom pick up truck, rat/hot rod.
    My question is is there a limit to width of the car(outside to outside of tires)?
    How do I go about getting it engineered so its legal to drive? Is it done for each modification or can I build the complete rig while keeping in contact with my engineer, photos, etc and then have one final inspection n certificate?
    Also what sort of money am I looking at for the engineers cert? I'm in nsw. It'll be an airbagged ute/pickup chassis, C notched at the rear axle, body dropped so the body sills sit level with chassis rails, 18" x 10" or 12" rims and an engine swap of some sort. Thinking of going a 1000cc road superbike motor for something different.
    Sorry if this sort of thing has been asked before,
    Chad Schneider

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    First u need to go shopping for an engineer . Have clearly as best as u can proposal as to not waste time
    The more u do yourself the cheaper it will be
    U need tobe well versed in ADR
    Will it be a new vehicle or a existing chassis . Most rulings will have to apply to the chassis age/ date of manufactuer
    A new build I suspect cannot be retrospective IN OZZY . Not without lawyers . New builds supposedly have to comply with current laws
    I would expect all the designs need tobe presented together brakes /suspension /chassis/ body /drive line /wheels/tyres /exhaust . One area effect another .

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    It'll be standard chassis for the 1990's pick up truck, just with 'C'notched rear end so airbags can lay the frame out. Standard brakes, etc. Custom widebody flares made by me.
    Another main question is, for the welding can I do all that myself. Iv been welding for years and done cert 2 in mig welding tho it was some 5yrs ago. I'll be doing everything myself if its able to be passed. Can't afford to pay someone, plus I don't see the point in building a custom car that isn't built n designed by me.
    I'm just trying to get basic ideas for price, etc before I waste my time going to deep into it. If its gonna be too expensive I wont be able to get into it at the moment.
    Iv got the whole build layed out n drawing of the end result but don't know how to post pics.
    Hoping someone can give answers to help. Like what the max width of a car can be,? And engineers cert prices(just a ball park figure)
    Thanks tho mate

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