Im currently researching the possibility of converting my v2 monaro cv6 with a VT 304.

My method would be using a straight lpg setup to reign in emissions and pass the IM240 test and ADR / engineer certification.

In theory what else other then the block being manufactured earlier(adhering to euro2) then the monaro(euro3) would hold back an engineer certifying this setup.

It would be literally a factory vt ss 5lt with all factory systems installed into the monaro but running straight lpg vapour injection system.

Would this be enough?
Does anyone have the stats on grams per kilometer rating for the vt ss or monaro cv6/ls1, it would help to bench mark what the lpg would need to achieve in reductions.

Also anyone here know a engineer in southeast Victoria who would be to assist in the process.


Disclaimer (yes the monaro could be converted to an ls1 no problems and its a nice fall back option)