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    Default ANDRA approved rollcages & RTA advice

    Guess id just like to ask the question as to what happens.... i'll paint a picture...

    You Build a tough car, car runs under 10sec, ANDRA say dont come back without a cage but the car see's street duties but RTA a little an al about using full cages and only allow half cages and so the tennis match begins.

    I, personally, would like to run a cage in the XA but the car will be used on the street too so i wanna know how to keep it legal AND keep it safe.

    If the least i can run to please ANDRA is a half cage which is the MOST the RTA seem to allow, i guess it would be a case then that ANDRA want a welded in cage and the RTA would want a bolt in....

    What kind of swing would an engineering certificate be in regards to the RTA with the cage engineered into the build plan?

    Guess if i get the OK....then next question is.... where to get the rollcage from? like to fit it myself but can you get ANDRA approved cages in a kit or do they have to be fitted by ANDRA approved workshops?

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    Well I can help with some of your question in regards to who can make the cage.

    Anyone can make it and there is no andra approved workshop as such. Aslong as its run by the guidelines then its andra approved.

    eg: Mate just made up a CAMS approved cage in his shed, followed all of the guidelines and its fine.

    Andra want front cross bars dont they? Theyre not legal on the street though for 'removal' purposes.
    I wouldnt mind seeing the debate on this.

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    I believe that all is needed by ANDRA down to 10.00 is a bolt in 4 point with a driver's side intrusion bar. Maybe contact ANDRA and the RTA and see what they say.

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