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    Default Holden HX 350 sbc

    Hey guys iv got a Holden hx with a 350 chev in it I havn't had it long im currently try to clean up the old wiring that was done the car was in good running order before I started to do my work I labelled all the wires before I cut so when it came time to put back together in a tidy way it would work now iv gone to start the car there is no ignition when I turn the key so I tweeked a few things then the starter would engage with one click of the key so tweekd again the relay would click now there nothing when I turn the key. Im very frustrated I labelled everything correct only thing I can think of is when I was sorting some of the cables there were cable's that were not connected that were in not good condition that I cut away there is 2 small relays that im sure I connected correctly but the bigger what ever its is im not sure o its function. sorry if this is hard to follow its hard to explain ll put up a couple pictures
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