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    Default Looking for work in syd (fork+semi rig. mining exp). mature hard working movingsoon

    Hey guys i am new here and just putting feelers out there to see what comes up... im 42 have worked every day since i was 14 and i can do just about anything. currently living and working in vic but looking at moving to syd area (location not squared away as yet) over the next few months. partner has children living there and i am relocating to live there.

    been in vic 14 years doing everything from onion processing as a second job or fork work as well as a main job working for dhs as security officer. interested in going mining as i came up in WA and worked on dredges and mineral processing plants. i do not have mobile plant tickets but will have no trouble if i have a direction to move in...

    any ideas or recommendastions drop me a reply or contact.

    Oh i also play drums and would love to be in a band if i get settled.... been drumming for 30 years...

    cheers matt
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    not sure you would get much mining work in sydney but if you want to go another 2ish hours north, Muswellbrook and singleton areas is where all the coal mining is
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    Should be plenty of security and forklift work when you need it. The thing about Sydney is it's a prick to navigate in peak hours and life will be ten times better if your weekday job is based near home. Decide on where you're going to settle, then start job hunting.
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