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    Default What to do to a 308 that been sitting for at least 5 years?

    As the title suggests I have a 308 that's been sitting in the HJ ute for at least 5 years in a paddock, it's been stored without the carburetor on it so not sure what I should do with that, I figure a complete oil change, new fuel, new battery, new filters and such, what else would you suggest? What oils should I use Penrite for what? should I use a lead additive or will it be fine? Sould I also change the oil in the trans? anything else? Sorry for all the probably silly questions but this is my first project and I'm starting from scratch.

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    First off you have to determine if anything has gone down the intake, if ok pull the oil pump off and coat the gears with a good coating of white petroleum grease[ Vaseline] prime the oil system with a good zinc based oil but I would use a good break in oil like Lucas break in 30w. you should be golden. But use common sense with everything and no short cuts.

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    Check that it turns over by hand first... it may have seized.

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    What happens to valve springs after years of sitting under load also?..

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    Due to additives in ALL oils ,oils break down ie they don`t lubricate well that's why u have a time limit between oil changes .
    Include diff /trans oil +coolant and brake fluid flush and bleed

    Pull plugs 1 or 2 squirts of oil in each cylinder and wind engine over .
    change plugs
    check plug lead resistance 5000-8000 ohms per foot
    inspect dizzy cap and rotor
    place 2-4 drops oil down centre shaft of dizzy [to lube advance weights mech]
    [ Optional but strip and relube dizzy shaft and weights would be best ]
    new point and condenser

    new fuel in tank with fuel treatment
    all new filters

    Take starter and altenator to a good sparky have new brushes bearings and lube and then bench tested

    Inspect all suspension rubbers as deterioration occurs regardless if u use vehicle or not

    Storing on concrete floor compared to grass can give 2 different outcomes . The moisture in the grass can cause A LARGE amount of corrosion internally/externally.

    As u are aware storing on grass is not the best .

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