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    Default Holden VH 308 legalities in Victoria

    Hello all, I'm in the process of having a black 308 block from a vk commo built with VN heads which will be going into my VH. I'll be using aftermarket manifold and carby but curious as to the legalities around this as far as emissions go?? These days I see a lot of people running after market manifolds and carbs on 308's in vh's. Is it still possible to run charcoal canister and pcv valve with aftermarket gear??

    Also my VH was originally a 253 V8 and has current rego so once I put the 308 in do I just go to VicRoads for them to sight the new engine number and off I go?? Does it make it easier because it is still currently rego'd in Victoria as a 253 V8??

    This side of things confuses the crap out of me.


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    no idea on the vic laws. but the VN heads don't have the stuff to do EGR. which the early heads did.

    charcoal & PCV is possible yes.

    factory manuals had blocked EGR until VK if i remember correct. autos had it but
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    Quote Originally Posted by EVL253 View Post

    factory manuals had blocked EGR until VK if i remember correct. autos had it but
    no... all 'red' V8s on VB had EGR
    but on blue and black XT5 improved performance engines (introduced on VC) manuals had a revised
    TCS and no actual EGR valve (there was a blanking plate where the valve sat on the manifold) but
    the exhaust crossover was still there, as was the chambers in the heads.
    VL SS GrpA carb models all manuals did have EGR (as the ADRs had been tightened due to ULP)

    All autos, as you said, had EGR
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