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    Default JET Performance Quadrajets

    I have recently been trolling the internet in search for every hint, tip, trick and anything useful on the Quadrajet to make it the most efficient unit as possible. Ie any issues people have had over the years, little tricks that give it a more economical edge or common issues and their fixes.

    Which brings me to my point, I found JET performance in USA who have four different stage rebuild Quaddies ranging from Stage 1 (stock) to 4 (Race).

    They even give parameters with cam, manifold, engine CI etc for each however there isn't much in the range of reviews or information on what they actually change for each rebuild, and they also claim to fix multiple Rochester factory issues which they dont list other than warped air horns.

    Has anyone had any history with their carbs, any real benefit in it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have not seen or worked on Jet carbs, but they have a poor reputation on US forums. If you have a QJ or you can get one, probably better off buying Cliff Ruggles QJ [ S-A books # 113 ] book & doing your own mods.

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