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Yes needs to stay under the bonnet if possible.
Are the single plane manifolds designed to produce power at high rpm and the dual at lower rpm?
Iím being told to flow these VN heads to determine the manifold and carb but I would have thought all the VN heads would flow the same.
No need to flow them if you arent doing serious work to them... A dual plane will produce more off idle, and under 4000, part throttle etc, all the bullshit so better for towing. There is a chinese single plane out there which is a copy of a hywinder which is low and will fit under most bonnets.. Its not just the manifold, a lot depends on your compression, camshaft, stall and rear gear..

I have a cam here hydraulic flat tappet suit VN heads I had done by Camtech, brand new in box that would work well in this that I would part with for cheaper..