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    Hi guys I'm in Melton Victoria and I've recently bought a vy ss sedan
    i was after some recommendations of cheap places I could go to find out exactly what's in my car
    The car has vcm otr and cam 3.8k hi stall stage 2 shift kit
    dual 2.5" catback and extractors ( he took the dual 3inch off after I paid deposit)
    i don't even know wether I have aftermarket or stock cats
    ive lost contact with the seller so not sure what other work was done to it
    since i want to start saving for mods I need to know what I have first
    idk if he did the 25% under drive with cam or if heads were done etc
    and I know nothing about cars
    it made 248rwkw he said that was before the 3inch exhaust otr and maf tune
    any help would be very much appreciated
    Ps please don't say gm motorsports they told me their pricing is $165 first hour $120 every hour after that
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