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    Default Reproducing the Flex Drive Systems HK Printed Circuit.

    I make reproduction printed circuits here in NZ. I did the VDO HK circuit in December 2015 and have sold a fair amount of them. I was under the impression that the VDO circuit fitted all of the models in the HK range as it suits the the basic instrument cluster as well as the GTS style with the additional gauges. Well only just a couple of weeks ago I sold one of the circuits to a chap who informed me that the VDO branded circuit did not fit his HK. So I am now about the produce the Flexdrive Instruments version.

    Here is one of my HK VDO style circuits on a frame:

    This is a scan of the Flexdrive Instruments circuit:

    This is where I am up to with the Flexdrive style circuit. This is the 'mech'. The mech is made to test fit the circuit prior to laying the copper and mask layers.

    The final circuit will be produced in 0.15mm thick fibreglass with a green mask, just like the VDO one. Cheers.

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    The mech has been made and test fitted to the frame:

    No changes are required so the copper and mask layer have been drawn.

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