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    Quote Originally Posted by EVL253 View Post
    thats one bloody big cam for early heads!
    see the engine doesnt have to be stupid wild cause still got the giggle gas if i wanted.
    keeping the early heads certainly is easier just because i have that setup
    No it's not lol
    As pauly says ^^

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    Not sure how much the pros charge but for ~ $200-300 you can buy an arbor and cutter and do it yourself, I bought some Comp Cams ones to do the VN heads I'm putting together for my HQ. You just need a decent variable speed electric hand drill and a bit of patience, took 2-3 hours to do all 16 seats and (using a second cutter) machine it for teflon valve stem seals.

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    ^^^Thats handy to know, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokes_Vhdrift View Post
    No it's not lol
    As pauly says ^^
    Old school small port heads can get away with the big old school duration, because you have tiny cross section in the ports and not much flow .. Try that shit on the new 260cc+ LS3 heads on a 6.0 and you'll have a turd ...

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