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    Default 185i gearbox choices..

    gday guys,

    i currently have bought an engine and loom out of a wreck vs clubsport to go into my vs sedan. my vs sedan at the present is only sporting a 6cylender with a knocking bottom end, a getrag 6 cylender 5speed gearbox and live axle borg warner diff.

    now i have bought all my parts. engine, loom , gearbox, gearbox loom, computer, ignition module, kframe etc etc but the only thing im missing is a tailshaft. now to make sure you guys understand my dillema. i bought everything for this conversion out of the vs clubsport, except for the gearbox, flywheel and clutch. The gearbox i bought, i believe is a getrag 5speed v8 box. Possibly out of a vt?

    My question to you guys is, is there a tailshaft i can buy secondhand to suit the getrag to my borg warner diff or do i have to make something up at hardy spicer?

    PS: This is my brothers old car. He has passed away and i intend on keeping it. Im not interested in buying a vs ss for the same amount of money. thanks guys..

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    also thought i might add i think its a getrag 290? (says it on the side of the box with a whole lot more numbers)

    also will i have to change my pedal box seeing as i gt the v6 getrag inthere at the moment. thanks again guys.

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