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    Default 304 physical dimensions

    Hi everyone,
    It has been suggested that I look at the 304 as an option for my 1947 Morris 8 Rod. I had been going down the V6 path...but you can't beat the rumble of a V8 in a little rod!!!
    Would anyone out there be able to tell me the physical dimensions of the 304 (with all of the accessories except perhaps A/C)? I also need to know where the motor mounts locate on the engine from the back of the block.
    From all accounts it sounds like a reasonable swap...otherwise...I'll succumb to the 350 SBC route...

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    Hey, well the following measurements are approximate but should give you an idea as to whether the V8 will fit...
    Engine Width; Rocker to Rocker is approx. 610mm
    Engine Width; Alternater Included is approx.690mm
    Engine Width; Power Steer Pump Added is approx.800mm
    Engine Length; Rear to Water Pump is approx. 670mm
    Engine Mount ; Rear of Block to Rearmost point of Mount is approx 300mm
    That last measurement isn't spot on but I will be working on me mates GTS tomorrow and will get a better measurement....
    Now I want up a pic of a 1947 Morris 8 Rod will that I can see what the hell we are discussing here :confused:.....
    Nitrous is neat,

    Injection hard to beat,

    But when I gotta get goin',

    I'd rather be Blown!

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