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    Default what do these numbers on my camshaft mean

    my mate just put a freshened blue 253 in his vc only to discover that after 3hrs of driving it it had worn a lobe on the cam.
    i have a 308 red motor camshaft, is it compatable with the blue motor , it also has a few numbers on it and i would like to know what they mean. from the front of the cam they read
    1.5 CWC
    DI CI
    B8 10
    then on the end of the shaft it has 990392
    if any one can help it would be great

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    The cam will swap into the blue motor no worries but you need to find out what caused the lobe to wear off so it doesn't happen again! Always use new lifters with a new cam (second hand Holden V8 cams are pot luck, check the replacement carefully before using), check that the lifters are rotating correctly etc. Use good lube on the cam lobes and base of lifters. Don't run in a cam with heavy valve springs.

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