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    I have a hz that has springs/shocks all round. I am trying to decide on bagging or coil overs. I want to be able to adjust the height as/when I need to. The front pretty much is already a coil over but not sure on the back. What is involved in setting up the rear ones?
    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Others will offer opinions BUT
    Whats the majority of use for the car ??. This should dictate ride height and suspension design

    From what I understand
    Front will need the ability for coil overs so= tubular A arms I assume . All the A arms I have seen use solid bushings brass /nylon !!
    Rears canbe done also --Upper mount . A tube with angle brackets installs between rear frame rails . Bottom brackets are welded to diff housing .

    The caution is if road use is 98% rubber style rubber bushings are better . Solid bushings don't absorb impact . For a track car great !!
    Caution on the front --some kits can have reduced travel .
    You need some one who has done an air bag conversion
    Phone Kings shocks and have springs and shocks built for the car . Either the original set up or coil over .

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